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2001 Teams

 The following teams have committed to enter the 2016 Junior Chowder Cup
 July 21-24, 2016
Foxboro Sports Center, Foxboro, Ma - Rodman Arena, Walpole, Ma -
Canton Sports Plex, Canton, Ma - FMC, Raynham - Bridgewater Ice Arena

2001 Division

Team Coach/GM
   AHD  Nick Greenough
   All American Prospects Drew Bennett
   All Pro Hockey Andy Bezeau
   Beast    (Canada) Peter Goulet
   Black Squirrels David Thrun
   Bloomington Thunder (Blue) Dan Jewell
   Bloomington Thunder (Green) Dan Jewell
   Boston Blues Hockey Mike Ciarletta
   Boston Generals Brett Riley
   Boston Junior Whalers (Atlantic) Mike Cusack
   Boston Junior Whalers (Canada) Mike Cusack
   Boston Junior Whalers (Midwest) Mike Cusack
   Boston Junior Whalers (New England) Shawn McEachern 
   Boston Junior Whalers (Global) Mike Cusack
   Boston Knights Chris Capasso
   Canada West Elite Red  (Canada) Lou Gravel
   Canada West Elite White    (Canada) Lou Gravel
   CHE  (Canada) Jerome Dupont
   CT Oil Kings Marvin Minkler
   East Coast Militia Nik Tasiopoulos
   Eastern Elite Hockey George Haviland
   Elite Top Prospects Evan Smith/Mike Donnelly
   Exton Bulls Ben Umstead
   FCA Rick Randazzo
   FL Hockey (Canada) Mark Ethier
   Flamme Olympique AAA (Blue)   (Canada) Donald Lucas
   Future Pros (Canada) Jason Fortier/Mike Tarantino
   Hockey Concepts Ean Mendeszoon
   Hockey Essentials Black Mark Lotito & Paul Losik
   Hockey Essentials White Mark Lotito & Paul Losik
   Little Rhody Hockey Steve Kauffman
   Mass Edge Doug Nolan
   New England Crows Jaymie Harrington/Danny Resendes (GM)
   New England Nordiques (Red) Tom O'Connor/Frank O'Connor
   New England Nordiques (Black) Tom O'Connor/Frank O'Connor
   NH Knights  Casey Kesselring
   NH Knights Midwest Casey Kesselring
   Northern Vermont Wildcats Anthony Langevin
   Ottawa Sharpshooters  (Canada) Angelo Gallo
   Players First Hockey  (Canada) John Dean
   The Pond Patriots Adam Graff
   PS 101 Prospects    (Canada) Stan Kondrotas
   Quebec Prospect (White)    (Canada) Jonathan LaChance
   Quebec Prospect  (Blue)     (Canada) Jonathan LaChance
   Rapid Hockey Development (Canada) Greg Orsini 
   Roc City Elite Hockey Matt Dibble
   Storm HC Nick Chingris 
   Top Shelf Purple Jon Bellonio/Steve Novodor 
   Top Shelf Yellow Jon Bellonio/Steve Novodor
   Townshend Hockey Maine Selects Graeme Townshend
   Townshend Hockey Selects Graeme Townshend
   Westchester Express CJ Tozzo
                                       TOURNAMENT CLOSES AT 56 TEAMS  

Teams and players interested in participating should contact Pro-Am Director Mike O’Connell at michaeljoconnell@comcast.net


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