2015 Chowder Cup

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2015 College Open Teams

 The following teams have committed to enter the 2015 Senior Chowder Cup
 July 16th - 19th.
Foxboro Sports Center, Foxboro, Ma - Rodman Arena, Walpole, Ma -
Canton Sports Plex, Canton, Ma

College Open Division

Team Coach/GM
   All American Prospects Jake Bennett
   AP Selects Andy Gojdycz
   Bears Hockey Club Bob Kenneally
   Boston Generals Midwest Brett Riley
   Boston Knights Chris Capasso
   Competitive Edge Hockey Jerry Domish
   DB Selects Glenn Wiswell
   Double eh Prospects (Black)   (Canada) Sean Gray
   Double eh Prospects (White)   (Canada) Sean Gray
   Empire State Selects Ron Hurtt
   FCA (Red) Rylan Galiardi
   FCA (Green) John Olver
   Florida Eels Frank Scarpaci
   Innovative Hockey Development    (Canada) Scott Colosimo
   Jr. Raiders Prospects   (Canada) Steve Sardellis
   Little Rhody Hockey Chris Jones
   Metroeast    (Canada) Paul Mattucci
   Montreal Prospects   (Canada) Tony Posca
   Network Hockey Craig Laughlin
   New England Nordiques (Futures) Frank O'Connor/Tom O'Connor
   Prep Elite Tom Bishop
   Pro Performance Hockey Troy MacCormick
   QJHA  (Black)    (Canada) Dan Bourbonnais/Sam Beauge
   QJHA  (White)   (Canada) Serge Beliveau/Tony Syvret (GM)
   Roc City Elite Hockey  (Black) Ryan Kirk
   Roc City Elite Hockey  (Red) Matt Dibble
   Stone Town Saints   (Canada) Merlin Malinowski/Bill Bourne/GM
   Team Ontario Stingrays     (Canada) Gordon Crowe
   TEP Hockey  (Maroon)  (Canada) Andre Darlow
   TEP Hockey  (White)     (Canada) Andre Darlow
   Townshend Hockey Selects Graeme Townshend
   Valley Hockey Group Nick Greenough
   Walpole Express Black Jon Lounsbury-HC/Rob Barletta-GM 
   Walpole Express Futures  Jon Lounsbury-HC/Rob Barletta-GM
   Walpole Express White  Jon Lounsbury-HC/Rob Barletta-GM

Teams and players interested in participating should contact Pro-Am Director Mike O’Connell at michaeljoconnell@comcast.net


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